All existing dragon fruit colors

All existing dragon fruit colors
How many pitaya colors exist? Did you know that the outside of the pitaya can say a lot about the inside? And then there are also differences in taste when we talk about the different colors! You are certainly familiar with the exotic fruits and the beautiful dragon fruit colors that it can have, but are you familiar with all the dragon fruit colors?

Dragon fruit color outside

The most famous skin color among dragon fruit is red. This red dragon fruit is the most popular, easily available too, so you will undoubtedly have seen this one before. In addition to the red pitaya, the fruits can also have the following dragon fruit color outside:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
Keep in mind that.. If a dragon fruit has a green skin color, it is often not yet ripe. This of course depends on the variety, so check this carefully before eating it.

Dragon fruit color inside

Did you know that the inside of the dragon fruit can have the most fantastic bright colors? Sometimes it doesn’t seem real, but I can assure you it’s just real. The following dragon fruit colors are possible when it comes to the inside:
  • Red
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • White
The different dragon fruit colors inside are due to the fact that the deeper color red contains more antioxidants compared to other colors. Did you know that there is also a difference in taste but also in size when it comes to colors? Curious about these differences? Then take a look below.

Are all color combinations possible then?

Except for 1 combination, YES! For example, the yellow pitayas (the pitayas with a yellow outside) ALWAYS have a white inside. The rest of the above mentioned color combinations are possible. Of course it depends on the variety which color pitaya you get from the outside and the inside. Curious about the different pitayas varieties that exist and which colors belong to them? Take a look at our blog where we tell you all about it!

What do the pitaya colors have in common (and what not?)

What do all dragon fruit colours have in common? The delicious taste and their beautiful exotic appearance. Perhaps the difference is interesting to know. There are differences when it comes to taste, size and appearance!


The yellow dragon fruit can be described as one of the sweetest among the dragon fruit varieties. We ourselves completely agree with that. Next to this, dragon fruit with a red inside tend to have more taste compared to the ones with a white inside. However, keep in mind that this is subjective and that it could differ per variety of course as well.


The pitaya with a white inside tends to be the biggest (more to enjoy)! The yellow pitaya with a white inside does not count.


Red dragon fruit (but also pink or purple skin) with a flesh colour which is not white, tend to have more scales, but also curvier scales and larger scales compared to the red dragon fruits with a white inside.

Example 1: Do you have a pitaya with a pink outside, small / medium size (mostly <500 grams) and does this dragon fruit has minimal scales than other? Congrats ! You got yourself a fruit with a red / magenta or purple inside.

Example 2: Do you have a pitaya with a red outside, medium to large size (>500 gram), and does this dragon fruit have many large / big scales? Congrats! You got yourself a fruit with a white inside.

Please keep in mind that this information is all based on our own knowledge and experience. This is not a set in stone information, so please use your own wisdom as well. Do you have something to add, or a question about a dragon fruit color? Please let us know!

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