All Dragon Fruit varieties

All Dragon Fruit varieties
Who is not familiar with the beautiful exotic fruit, the dragon fruit. They are popular worldwide because of their delicious taste. But as you might have guessed, there are many different dragon fruit varieties. And these too are all unique and have specific characteristics. We have listed as many as possible for you so that you have an overview of what is possible!

Different dragon fruit varieties names

You may have already spotted the different dragon fruit colors yourself in a supermarket or elsewhere, where we will mention the 3 most famous dragon fruit varieties names below:
  • Selenicereus Undatus ( pink skinned with white flesh)
  • Selenicereus Costaricensis ( red skinned with red flesh)
  • Selenicereus Megalanthus ( yellow skinned with white flesh)
The varieties differ in color of course, but also in taste and size. For example, the Selenicereus Megalanthus is considered to be the sweetest variety among the fruits. We tell you more about this yellow variety beneath, so have a look if you are interested. In addition, the fruits with white flesh ( Selenicereus Undatus ) are often the largest (so more to enjoy), and also sweeter than the Selenicereus Costaricensis. Of course this also varies a bit by variety, please keep that in mind.

Dragon fruit varieties list

We understand that sometimes you don’t see the overview anymore, that’s why we made a dragon fruit variety chart for you to create an overview for you (and for us too 🙂 ) regarding best dragon fruit variety. Keep in mind that the red flesh dragon fruit in the chart can also be more seen as a purple or pink colour or a mix.
Dragon Fruit Variety NameFlesh Color
American BeautyRed
Dark starRed
Florida RedR|ed
Giant VietnameseWhite
Hailey's CometRed
Natural MysticRed
Hawaiian PinkRed
Japanse GodzillaRed
Purple HazePurple
Red JainaRed
Seoul KitchenWhite
Thai DragonWhite
Vietnamese WhiteWhite
Voodoo ChildRed
Surinam RedRed
Maria RosaWhite
Indonesian WhiteWhite
We at DragonFruitCutting are very proud that we can offer more than 25 varieties. Curious about which one? Take a look at our website.

Sweetest dragon fruit variety

We are huge fans of the Selenicereus Megalanthus. Those are pitaya species with yellow skin and white flesh. A variety of this, the Palora, is considered as the sweetest of the dragon fruits. One of the few yellow dragon fruit varieties we love to grow and eat of course as well. Please keep in mind that it is an opinion, so someone else may think differently. The yellow pitaya is sweet and juicy with edible black pits. Despite the sweetness, we think it is not too sweet, but just right in taste. Try them yourself, it is really worth the try!

best dragon fruit variety?

If we had to choose between all our variants, we choose the Japanese Godzilla at the moment. Why would you think? Because this pitaya not only tastes delicious, but it is also easy to grow. After harvesting, the Japanese Godzilla can be stored longer than other dragon fruits (can be quite handy). Compared to other varieties, this dragon fruit has very robust branches. Have a look at our beautiful Japanese Godzilla cutting which we offer in different sizes.
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