White dragon fruit seeds

Looking for White Dragon Fruit Seeds?

On this page you can find all white dragon fruit seeds we currently have for sale! All seeds for sale on this page are fruit with black seeds and white flesh. This fruit white flesh black seeds can have different skin colors. The skin colors can be purple, red or pink. All our seeds are offered per package and all orders can be shipped worldwide to you.

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This ‘’fruit white inside with black seeds’’ comes in various varieties and is absolutely delicious. Enjoy the taste that the white dragon fruits have to offer! The taste can be described as a mix between a kiwi and a pear oftentimes. The white dragon fruits tend to be the biggest of all (apart from the yellow dragon fruits). We always say, more to enjoy!

White pitayas are one of the biggest of all varieties! (apart from the yellow skin ones)

White Dragon Fruit Seeds For Sale

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Growing white pitayas seeds

White dragon fruit seeds can be grown from seeds, but please take into account that this can take 5 years or more. It depends on the ideal conditions of course as well. You need some patience to make it a success, however, the entire process is very satisfying to experience this from the start, of course. When you buy your white pitaya seeds, you can expect them to sprout within 1 and 8 weeks. Do you want to read more about how to grow your fruit that’s white with black seeds for instance? Have a look at our page about pitaya seeds!

White dragon fruit (seeds) characteristics

  • Bigger (and heavier) than most dragon fruits – apart from the yellow ones
  • Really delicious taste and not too sweet!
  • Flavors can be compared with kiwi or pear

More white dragon fruit available?

The above white dragon fruit seeds we offer to you are not our complete range. We have many more white dragon cuttings for sale. We are still expanding our seeds range, hence why we offer less dragon fruit seeds instead of cuttings. Of course, we can arrange the seeds for you regarding a specific variety if you are interested. Please send us an email and tell us which variety you are interested in!