Purple Dragon Fruit Cuttings

Looking for Purple Dragon Fruit Cuttings?

On this page we are talking about purple dragon fruit cuttings where all fruits have purple flesh. We are very proud to be able to offer the dragon fruits which have a purple inside. Curious about which these are? Have a look below!

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Did you know that purple dragon fruit is equivalent to the red / pink flesh varieties?

Purple Dragon Fruit Cuttings for sale

Below you can find all our Purple pitaya variety cuttings! Click on the cutting itself to find more information about the variety.

About our purple flesh cuttings….

Create your own purple dragon fruit plant, and enjoy the delicious attractive fruit yourself! They have a sweet taste and a creamy textured pulp, whereby they are often compared to a watermelon, kiwi or a pear.

The cuttings above contain purple flesh or red/purple color flesh. What is more red to one person may be more purple to another, which is why some variants may overlap for you. We leave the choice to you to see which color you think they are of course. 🙂 In contrast, the pink / magenta fleshed dragon fruits are often clearly different, which is why they will not be mentioned on this page.

We offer the following cutting sizes

S size cuttingsM size cuttingsL size cuttings
< 15 cm (<6 inch)15 - 24 cm (between 6 and 10 inches)> 25 cm (>10 inch)
Please keep in mind that this is also an estimation. Some cuttings are a lot thicker and therefore heavier, so they sometimes fall into a higher size category while they don't have the exact length yet.

Purple dragon fruit, in general, are sweeter than white flesh varieties

Help, my (size) cutting is not in stock

Send us an email to [email protected]. The stock shown above is available in the Netherlands (our head office). However, we have even more in stock in Suriname on our farm. If you send us an email, we’ll take care of the rest! Without extra costs of course.

Even if the desired cutting is not to size, we can of course cut it to size, that’s no problem either.

Why purple dragon fruit?

Purple Pitayas are used in many different dishes. In the Netherlands we see it more and more often in desserts! You can add our purple dragon fruit plant(s) for sale in a shake, salads, plain water and add dragon fruit to create a flavour, but it is also very suitable as a snack. Also with children this is often a pleasure to eat because of the exotic colors. Besides the fact that the purple dragon fruit cuttings look beautiful, the purple color also has health benefits! Are you ready for your own purple dragon fruit plant?

Health benefits

A fruit that tastes delicious and is also healthy! Ideal combination, right? Pitaya fruits contain many nutrients and are often a good source of fiber, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and iron. Changing your diet or do you want to lose weight? Super handy because a purple pitaya contains relatively little fat. It can also help improve your immune system. Many studies have been done on pitayas with positive results!

We ship our dragon fruit purple fruit to…

    • Europe and outside Europe
    • We ship everything from the Netherlands, so a fast delivery in Europe can be guaranteed
    • Different delivery options possible during the checkout process!
    • Keep in mind that outside of Europe a phytosanitary certificate is often required. Send us an email for more information

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions about Purple Dragon Fruit Cuttings. Find your answers to various questions below. 🙂

Some people call it purple, other people call it red. Some dragon fruits have a slightly more purple color while others tend more towards red. So there is mainly a difference in color.

Yes, several differences. The purple varieties often have more flavor and the fruits tend to be smaller as well.

Yes we do ship worldwide! However, please keep in mind that a phytosanitary certificate is often needed outside Europe. Please contact us for more information!