Dragon Fruit Plant Care

Everything about Dragon Fruit Plant Care

The best care for our pitaya plants! This is of course what we all want. Without this good care we cannot enjoy the beautiful plant and the delicious different color dragon fruits. But what does the best care entail? On this page we will guide you on your road regarding dragon fruit plant care.


Did you know that a Dragon Fruit Plant can survive up to 30 years?

What is the best dragon fruit plant care?

We are very enthusiastic about this fruit and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Why? Whether we think it is important that everyone can enjoy this delicious fruit! It is fairly easy to care for your dragon fruit plant and therefore an ideal gift as well. If you’re not there yet, and are looking for information on how to best plant your cutting and/or seeds, visit this page of ours! A few important things are important if you want to know everything about hylocereus undates (indoor) care.

Our roadmap for today!

Water requirements
Sun requirements & Best temperatures
Soil requirements
How to handle Pests & Diseases
Visible Dragon spots?
Best Dragon Fruit support

Watering requirements

Believe it or not, the main reason your plant didn’t survive is because it got too much water! How can you see this? This causes the roots to rot. It is a cactus plant so they do not need that much water. We water our cuttings about once every 2 weeks. Make sure the soil is wet but oversaturated. You can of course also ensure that the stem of the plant remains moist.

Sun requirements & Temperatures

The cactus fruit loves sunlight and heat! So make sure that the plant has at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. The cactus plant can withstand heat very well! Even up to 35 to 40 degrees is no problem for them. Just make sure they are not constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, this can cause the cuttings to turn a bit yellow. A shade cloth would be very useful for this. Be aware that too much shade isn’t also what they need.

The plant itself does not tolerate cold very well, so keep this in mind! They can survive a few days below 10 degrees, but constant cold temperatures are not good for them. Then remember that you bring them inside where you are able to control the temperatures yourself to assure a proper dragon fruit cactus houseplant care.

Pest and diseases

Normally pitaya plants are not that susceptible to pests. Make sure that when fruits start to come that you use a net, for example. Birds, rats but also racoons can sometimes taste a bite of your fruit. We don’t want that right, we want a good dragon fruit cactus care.

Snails and slugs can be a risk as well. These animals can eat small but also large parts of the plant. This mainly occurs in young plants. So keep an eye on your cactus plants with some regularity in order to succeed in all steps on how to care for dragon fruit plants.

Visible Dragon Spots?

You might see spots on the cuttings during the process. This could be a bacterial infection, for example. In most cases, the plant resolves this itself. Damage to the plant can be easily solved by cinnamon powder. Truly a miracle drug!

Did certain cuttings not make it? prune off any dead, dying, diseased or overcrowded branches to guarantee the best dragon fruit plant care.

Soil requirements

This is important because the plant lives on good soil that contains nutrients. The plant can extract energy from this, for example to grow, which is important! We always use garden soil mixed with sand and/or chips. This is a great combination regarding dragon fruit cactus care.

Dragon fruit tree care (support)

This is a very important part because the plant needs this firmness to be able to develop further. Without the support, the plant has a hard time because the energy goes to the wrong place which is not busy growing. So make sure that your plant has sufficient support.

Taking care of a dragon fruit plant is... Easy Fun Satisfying

More helpful information..

Dragon fruits only give fruit during the summer periods until about autumn. They can give about 3 waves of fruit per year. 1 plant itself produces 45-100 fruits per wave. A plant can live up to 30 years. Have you already counted how many fruits you can yield?

It is important that the above elements are correct and that you create a good dragon fruit plant care in order to obtain fruit of course. We hope we have many topics when it comes to how to care for dragon fruit plant in the best way. If you’re having any questions, feel free to ask us, we would like to help!

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions about dragon fruit plant care. Find your answers to various questions below. 🙂

For Sure. In general, the plants are kept outside and because of this you have to deal with external weather conditions that have to be monitored. If you keep the plant indoors, you can create the conditions yourself. 🙂

Certainly not. You don’t have to be an expert to take care of your own cutting and or plant. You also learn naturally by taking care of it. Of course there is also enough information to make a good start.

This differs. In general, dragon fruit cuttings require the same basic care. Think of water, nutrition, sunlight, etc. However, some variants are more susceptible to certain circumstances. If you want to know exactly which these are, please send us an email.

It can produce its fruits within 1 year already of its establishments.

We are talking about waves here. A plant can have several waves per year and can produce up to 100 fruits per wave. So a lot in one year!

A dragon fruit plant can grow up to 20 feet height! If you want to create a height preferred to your size, just prune the branches. By keeping the plant to a more compact size, it can actually keep the plant stronger and also increase the yields!