How to store dragon fruit?

How to store dragon fruit?
What is the best way to store your dragon fruit? We want to enjoy the delicious fruit as long as possible, right? Another important question.. is it best to keep the dragon fruit after it has been cut yes or no? In this blog we will answer many questions about how to store dragon fruit!

How do you store dragon fruit best?

This partly depends on the state of the dragon fruit and when you want to eat the dragon fruit. We will show you the best 3 options you have when it comes to storing dragon fruit.
  • Leaving your dragon fruit on the counter
  • Leaving your dragon fruit in the refrigerator
  • Leaving your dragon fruit in the freezer
It is best not to cut the fruit first! In the next 2 points we will discuss what to do if the fruit has not yet been cut. Curious what you can do if you have already cut it? Read the different options on how to store dragon fruit below!

Leave your dragon fruit on the counter if..

You plan on consuming the dragon fruit within a few days. Think of 2 to 3 days. Dragon fruits ripen faster if you keep them outside the refrigerator. Do you have any relative unripe dragon fruit? Then it is best to just keep the pitaya on the counter, as this speeds up the ripening process. In a few days you will start to notice some changes then.

leave your dragon fruit in the refrigerator if..

If you don’t want to eat your pitaya anytime soon. The refrigerator ensures that the ripening process is slowed down. Storing dragon fruit also depends on how ripe your dragon fruit is. You can easily keep your dragon fruit in the fridge for a week. TIP: watch out where you store your dragon fruit in the fridge in combination with other (exotic) fruits (this can actually speed up the ripening process & change the taste as well). It is best to store the dragon fruit in a sealed bag in the refrigerator separated from other exotic fruits. Make sure that if you want to store your dragon fruit in the fridge, choose a ripe dragon fruit. An unripe dragon fruit will remain unripe when stored in the fridge. Would be a real shame!

How to store cut dragon fruit?

As we mentioned before, it is better for the fruit not to cut it before storing it. Why? Because it will shorten its life significantly. However, we understand that you have also cut the fruit and still want to keep it. Our experience has shown that it is best to do the following then when it comes to how to store dragon fruit best:
  • It is best to wrap the pieces or slices of dragon fruit in foil and then store it in the refrigerator. The advice is still to consume the dragon fruit pieces as soon as possible. The longer you leave them, the less you can enjoy them of course.

Leave your dragon fruit in the freezer if..

As a matter of fact, you can leave your dragon fruit for as long as you like. However, we recommend keeping your dragon fruit for a maximum of 3 à 4 months in the freezer. You are free to store it longer of course, but it will affect the taste then in our opinion. If you want to keep your fruit in the freezer, it is advisable to cut it into pieces. In this case you will create frozen dragon fruit cubes. If you put the entire dragon fruit in the freezer, it can take a while before the inside is properly thawed. Frozen dragon fruit is really useful if you want to increase your dragon fruit storage time.
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