Yellow dragon fruit seeds

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Find on this page all yellow dragon fruit seeds we offer! The seeds are sold in a package and can be shipped worldwide. We are constantly expanding our range, so please stay tuned for more varieties.

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The yellow dragon fruit seeds and varieties are very popular. This beautiful yellow variant is often described as one of the sweetest variants! We ourselves are very fond of the yellow variety because of its taste too! Our yellow varieties come from the Philippines and Greece.

Did you know that yellow pitayas are very popular?

Yellow Dragon Fruit Seeds For Sale

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Growing yellow dragon fruit from seeds

Yellow pitaya seeds can be grown from seeds, but please take into account that this may take several years! (think of at least 5). Nevertheless, the entire process is very satisfying to experience this from the start, of course. You should take into account that the seeds will start sprouting between 1 and 8 weeks. After that you have your own yellow dragon fruit seedling. The dragon fruit seeds come from our own dragon fruits and all contain a black color and are relatively small. Do you want to know more about our pitaya seeds? Have a look at our page which offers many more information about seeds!

Biggest differences between yellow pitaya and other colors

  • The Palora variety is considered as one of the sweetest
  • Yellow dragon fruits are smaller (and thus lighter) compared to other colors

Interested in more yellow dragon fruits?

At the moment our offer is bigger with regard to the yellow dragon fruit cuttings than the yellow dragon fruit seeds. Of course, we can always see if we can arrange something for you, so if you are curious about which seeds we can arrange for you, it is best to contact us for more information.