Purple dragon fruit seeds

Looking for Purple Dragon Fruit Seeds?

Find on this page all purple dragon fruit seeds we have for sale at this very moment! The seeds are offered per package and all our seeds can be shipped worldwide. The purple pitaya seeds we offer below, are all having a purple skin, flesh or both!

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Purple pitaya are often compared / very similar to the red color dragon fruits. Keep in mind that one person may find the color more red, while someone else finds the color more purple of course. The purple ones often have a sweet taste with a creamy texture. Do you like watermelon kiwi or pear? Then these color varieties are definitely something for you.

Purple pitayas have a sweet taste with a creamy texture!

Purple Dragon Fruit Seeds For Sale

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Growing purple pitaya fruit from seeds

Purple dragon fruit seeds can be grown from seeds, but please take into account that this can take 5 years (or even more). You need some patience to make it a success. Nevertheless, the entire process is very satisfying to experience this from the start, of course. When you buy our small black color seeds you can expect them to sprout within 8 weeks. This differs per variety, so please take this into account as well.

Purple dragon fruit (seeds) characteristics

  • Bigger (and heavier) than the yellow dragon fruits
  • Sweet and creamy texture!
  • Flavors can be compared with a watermelon, kiwi or pear