How to grow dragon fruit

How to best grow your own dragon fruit cutting

Nice that you landed on our page! Here we tell you everything about how to grow dragon fruit. It may look strange, but dragon fruit is delicious and also fairly easy to grow! Create the optimal conditions for your dragon fruit and enjoy your own grown dragon fruit in no time. How? See the roadmap down below.

In addition to this page, we also cover information about how to best plant dragon fruit. If you are not yet ready to know how you can best grow your cutting, please visit our page about planting dragon fruit.


Produce your own dragon fruit within 1 year by following our tips!

Have you thought about the following?

Growing dragon fruit from cuttings or seeds?
Growing Pitaya inside or outside?
Growing dragon fruit in pots?
How to create the optimal conditions?

Growing dragon fruit at home

Of course we all want to enjoy that delicious exotic fruit. But once you’ve planted it, what’s the best thing to do so that you can finally enjoy that delicious fruit? Below we have indicated a few points which we will discuss.

If something is not clear at the end, feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help!

Growing via cuttings or through seeds?

You have 2 options when you start growing the dragon fruit. The cuttings are simply much more popular and much less time consuming than seeds, that’s why discuss the cuttings option and not the option of how to grow dragon fruit from seed. We will discuss how to best grow the cuttings, as we talked on our other page how to best plant the cutting. We assume that you already planted the cutting so far. What are the next steps?

What a dragon fruit cutting really need is…

  • Water
    They need water on a regular basis (1x every 2 weeks). Remember: it is a cactus plant and too much water can kill them. Make sure that the soil is moist. Once your dragon fruit climbs on the poles you have created, keeping the pole moist is recommended.
  • Optimal Climate
    Always keep in mind that a dragon fruit is a cactus plant and that they need 6-8 hours of sunlight each day and they thrive in hot dry places! Adequate sunlight enhances the growth of the plant and increases fruiting and blooming as well. Be aware that the plants can also burn when they are continuously exposed to high temperatures. A shade cloth is your friend when it comes to how to grow dragon fruit 🙂 Optimal temperatures are around 25 degrees. Dragon fruit don’t like cold circumstances at all. Make sure that they are never too long exposed at temperatures below 10 degrees.
  • A good support method
    Did you know that a pitaya is a climbing cacti? Meaning that they need support to grow up against. This ensures a healthy plant and also a good construction makes sure that the plant does not waste energy either. Oftentimes a sturdy wooden skeleton is used, but also a construction of car tires is pretty common.

Growing dragon fruit in pots

An ideal way to enjoy your dragon fruit! The pot can of course be placed both indoors and outdoors, which is of course a great advantage on how to grow dragon fruit. What are the other advantages of this and can you pay attention to when choosing the right pot? We have listed many tips for you which gives you a head start on how to grow dragon fruit in pots.

  • Preferable, pick a pot between 15 and 25 inches in diameter
  • Next to this, choose a pot with 12 inches in depth
  • Be aware, the bigger the pot, the better the growth of your cutting. Also, you don’t have to repot every time then if you choose a pot big enough right away
  • We normally use plastic, terracotta pots or clay pots
  • Make sure that the pots have around 3 drain holes to ensure a good draining system

Grow your own Yellow Red Purple Pink Dragon Fruit

Growing dragon fruit outside or inside?

This depends entirely on your situation! Of course, the exotic fruit does best in a warm environment as discussed above. Of course, this does not alter the fact that you can partly determine the circumstances yourself! Curious how? Choose your living circumstances below..

Growing pitaya in colder environments…

You too can grow your pitaya fruit! The ideal conditions could be a greenhouse because you can determine the temperature here yourself and this most mimics the natural environment of the cactus fruit. However, there are also other options when it comes to how to grow dragon fruit indoors. You can also grow the fruit indoors in your own home or at your friends. We also have some of our cuttings in the Netherlands. These are in excellent condition because we are in control of the circumstances. You can also buy Led grow light in order to create the right kind of circumstances. Tip: place the cuttings in front of a window!

Growing pitaya in tropical environments…

Congrats if you live in a tropical environment as you can easily keep and grow your dragon fruit here! Make sure that the fruit is exposed to temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees. Don’t forget that the plant also needs shade and isn’t exposed in the hot sun the whole day! It needs sunlight, but the burning sun can turn them yellow. If the winter is too cold for them (below 15 degrees for a long time), you can of course also move the cuttings temporarily indoors where you can determine the temperatures yourself. Did you think of the fact that dragon fruit cuttings and fruits also are a great way of adding colours to your garden?

People also wanted to know…

You can already enjoy your own dragon fruit within one year!

Just once! Therefore, make sure you see this happening. The fruit is a night blooming plant, so be prepared. Normally, the pitaya can flower from early summer through mid-autumn.

Make sure you use the right kind of soil, sufficient water and also do not forget to give your plant a tall, sturdy trellis to climb on. Lastly, make sure that you dragon fruit plant has at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.

45 – 100 fruits per wave! In general, the pitaya fruit can have 3 to 4 weaves per season.

Up to 30 years! Quite long right?

No not all, but most of them are. We have stated per cutting if the dragon fruit is self pollinating.

A mature plant can reach 8 meters!