Is dragon fruit season all year round?

Is dragon fruit season all year round?
Also curious when it is dragon fruit season? Can you expect the fruits already, or do you have to wait even longer? This largely depends on where you live and what climate you have of course, but other factors also play a role in this. Of course we would prefer to eat the fruits all year round, right?

Is dragon fruit available all year round?

Actually yes! But keep in mind that these fruits are often available because they have different suppliers spread all over the world. In general, you can expect the most dragon fruit in the summer (from July to September). This is because it is a cactus plant and therefore loves heat and sunlight. Of course it depends on where you live when the plant grows best. It may well be the case that your summer is not from July to September but, for example, only later in the year. Therefore it depends on where you live when there’s dragon fruit season.

When can I expect pitaya fruits myself?

Normally, it takes the dragon fruits around 50 days to reach maturity after pollinators and flowering occurs. It can already produce its first dragon fruits within 1 year of its establishment! That is indeed quite fast. Until when do I hear you thinking? Did you know that the plant can live up to 30 years! In one year, a pitaya plant can give fruit in 3 to 4 waves giving up to 100 fruits per wave! Did you already make the calculation?

How can I increase my chances of getting dragon fruit?

Unfortunately it’s not a case of, it’s summertime, now I’m getting dragon fruit. We have listed some tips below to increase your chances. See for yourself if you can tick off the following points!
  • My dragon fruit plant gets at least 6 hours of sunlight a day
  • I have not watered my plant too much. Once per two weeks is enough. This is the number 1 cause of death unfortunately. A little watering is enough
  • I put my dragon fruit plant in the right soil with enough nutrition
  • It is recommended to plant 1 plant per container because then they will have enough space to grow
  • My plant gets enough support from it to grow well. As a result, unnecessary energy is not lost because the plant has not had any support. A trellis is ideal, but if you are handy yourself a wooden post or a wall can also do the trick
  • Protect your dragon fruit plants against hungry bats, birds or snails for instance. You can use a bird net in order to keep your fruit safe
  • My plant has not been exposed to cold temperatures for a while. Ideally, they should never be exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees. Again, the plant loves heat!

Help, I don’t live in a (sub)tropical environment…

That shouldn’t be a problem at all! Did you know that you can also easily grow dragon fruit indoors? You can use a greenhouse for this, but of course you can also create a suitable situation for your plant within. You can of course (to some extent) also move them from outside to inside when the temperatures drop or vice versa. This allows you to easily create your dragon fruit season yourself.
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