Sweet Dragon Fruit

Sweet Dragon Fruit
Dragon is very tasty, but also very healthy! In general, pitaya fruits are described as being sweet. However, it of course depends on the variety and the color of the dragon fruit which one is sweeter compared to the others. Don’t forget that what is sweet for one person, may be less sweet for another. We definitely have our preference when it comes to the sweetest dragon fruits! Do you want to know which dragon fruit is considered as sweet dragon fruit? Read along!

Dragon fruit is it sweet?

Yes, all of them are delicious and many of them are sweet as well! Pitahaya not only has a special appearance, but also a unique taste. Dragon fruit is sweet. If you love a sweet taste then pitaya fruit is something for you. The taste of the fruit is a bit like that of a kiwi and a pear. So if you like these fruits, there is a chance that you are also a big fan of dragon fruit. There are many different kinds of dragon fruits, so you can figure out which dragon fruit variety suits you best and you can describe as sweet dragon fruit! As there are different sorts of dragon fruits, it also means that the taste differs per variety!
Did you know that in general red flesh dragon fruits are sweeter than white flesh dragon fruits?

Sweetest dragon fruit variety

Did you know that one of the sweetest dragon fruits actually is the Palora? The yellow skin pitaya also called ‘’Palora or Hylocereus Megalanthus’’ is the sweetest dragon fruit variety in our opinion. It looks very exotic with a vibrantly coloured skin, it is a little spiky on the outside. The yellow dragon fruit is smaller than the red and white (flesh color) fruits, but it is sweeter and juicier. This makes it the sweetest variety of all!

Sweet red dragon fruit

Red dragon fruit is a cross between Hylocereus polyrhizus and Hylocereus undatus. Natural Mystic dragon fruit has a very sweet taste among the red dragon fruits and therefore falls in the category sweet dragon fruit. The Natural mystic taste is sweet, but not as sweet as the yellow dragon fruit variety of course. It is an extremely beautiful fruit that has flowers and an intense shape and color. The skin of the dragon fruit natural Mystic is very thin. The skin is usually covered with scales, and the center of the fruit consists of red, sweet pulp. We offer more sweet sweet red dragon on our website. Have a look at our red dragon fruit cuttings and find out which one is your favorite!
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