Dragon fruit cuttings for sale to Australia

Dragon fruit cuttings for sale to Australia
We send cuttings all over the world, so we are also familiar with sending cuttings to Australia. We sell more than 25 different varieties and are busy expanding this. Fortunately, we have fellow dragon fruit lovers who share their varieties with us. We believe in: sharing = caring. This article is mainly of interest to people in Australia, as this article is about dragon fruit cuttings for sale Australia.

Our dragon fruit cuttings for sale to Australia

We regularly send our cuttings to Australia, because of the different varieties we offer. We ship our cuttings from the Netherlands to Australia, so the trip can take quite a while. We can therefore look together at the best option to send and pack the cuttings in order to arrive at the destination as best as possible, of course. In addition, sending a phytosanitary certificate is useful, but certainly not always necessary with the orders.

Phytosanitary certificate

Certainly a country like Australia has quite strict customs, where everything is certainly not allowed to pass through. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange a phytosanitary certificate within dragon fruit cuttings, but we can still send our cuttings to you of course. Are you curious about the possibilities and what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us, so that we can look at the best options together when it comes to dragon fruit cuttings for sale Australia.

Apart from cuttings, we also offer:

In addition to our dragon fruit plant for sale to Australia, we also recently started selling dragon fruit seeds to Australia. These seeds come from our own fruits that we grow on our beautiful plot in Surinam. At the moment we do not sell all seeds of all fruits, but of course we can arrange this for you if you are interested. If so, please send us an email to see what we can do for you!

Why are cuttings so popular in Australia?

Since they have the right climate to grow dragon fruit cuttings! Pitayas do like a warm / tropical climate. Growing dragon fruit in Australia is fairly easy to do. However, Australia has a wide variety of climates due to its large geographical size of course, but please make sure the cuttings will not be exposed for a long time with low temperatures (<50°F). Next to this, dragon fruit cuttings don’t need a lot of water since it is a cactus plant.
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