Palora – cuttings (yellow dragon fruit)

White Dragon Fruit CuttingsYellow Dragon Fruit Cuttings

✓ White flesh & Yellow skin color
✓ Amazing sweet taste!
✓ Soon available!

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Palora, better known as the Selenicereus Megalanthus hybrid, can be considered as one of the sweetest dragon fruit varieties ever! We really love this variety due to the very sweet taste and the juicy texture of the fruit. The taste can be compared to a kiwi / pear. The Palora is very similar to its relative, the yellow pitaya (Selenicereus megalanthus). The difference? Palora dragon fruits are heavier (and larger), and growth is not so sensitive and more ‘willing to grow’.

The yellow pitaya is smaller compared to the other color dragon fruits. Next to this, the Palora has spines on the fruit itself, but less spines compared to the Celenicereus megalanthus. However, you can easily brush the spines off. Try the delicious fruit for yourself and enjoy what the fruit has to offer.

Skin color: Yellow:
Flesh color: White
Taste: Very sweet!


We have several ‘mother’ plants which are giving many sprouts thank god! However, they are still too small to be sold at the moment. We hope to offer those to you really soon.

We offer the following sizes:

S size cuttingsM size cuttingsL size cuttings
< 15 cm (<6 inch)15 - 24 cm (between 6 and 10 inches)> 25 cm (>10 inch)
Please keep in mind that this is also an estimation. Some cuttings are a lot thicker and therefore heavier, so they sometimes fall into a higher size category while they don't have the exact length yet.

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Size of the cuttings:

Small, Medium, Large

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