Selenicereus megalanthus (Yellow Pitaya)

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✓ White flesh inside
✓ Very popular among experts!
✓ This yellow dragon fruit tastes very sweet

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The Celenicereus megalanthus or also yellow Pitaya is a type of dragon fruit from the cactus family. This species differs from the other Dragonfruit species (Hylocereus) in that the yellow fruits they bear are more scaly and have spines. Gloves are necessary when harvesting. The flesh is white and has a wonderfully sweet taste. The taste is most reminiscent of a kiwi.
A must have for dragon fruit lovers!

Self-pollinating: Yes
Skin color: Yellow
Flesh color: White
Taste: Sweet taste which resembles a kiwi.

Be aware of the following please: We recommended to not start with this variety if you are fairly unknown and unexperienced with growing dragon fruit cuttings. This variety is more sensitive to both cold and very warm temperatures. Next to this, this variety is more prone to rust (same as the Natural Mystic cuttings), which requires some more attention, plus knowledge. Are you still interested in yellow pitayas, but do you want to start with a more easy yellow variety? Have a look at its relative the Palora!

We offer the following sizes:

S size cuttingsM size cuttingsL size cuttings
< 15 cm (<6 inch)15 - 24 cm (between 6 and 10 inches)> 25 cm (>10 inch)
Please keep in mind that this is also an estimation. Some cuttings are a lot thicker and therefore heavier, so they sometimes fall into a higher size category while they don't have the exact length yet.

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