Dragon Fruit CuttingsPink Dragon Fruit Cuttings

✓ Pink flesh & Pink skin!
✓ Fairly easy grower
✓ Fruit can reach a weight up to 500 grams

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The Delight is a fairly easy grower (requiring little intervention). Next to this, the delight is known for its fertility. It is very fertile and among dragon fruit lovers very popular! Super handy, especially for people who want to start with dragon fruits! Very reliable variety! Many people say that this variety has to thank his name given his delightful taste. Delight dragon fruit give medium size pitaya fruit (up to 450 grams).

Self-pollinating: Yes
Skin color: Magenta
Flesh color: Light pink
Taste: Sweet whereof texture of the flesh can be compared with ice cream

At the moment we offer you the following delight size cuttings:

S size cuttingsM size cuttingsL size cuttings
< 15 cm (<6 inch)15 - 24 cm (between 6 and 10 inches)> 25 cm (>10 inch)
Please keep in mind that this is also an estimation. Some cuttings are a lot thicker and therefore heavier, so they sometimes fall into a higher size category while they don't have the exact length yet.

Additional information

Size of the cuttings:

Small, Medium, Large

  1. Stijn L. (verified owner)

    Perfect cuttings, already started growig.

  2. Daniele (verified owner)


  3. Jonel Van Schalkwyk (verified owner)

  4. Alan John Calleja (verified owner)

    Healthy and looking good so far

  5. John Camilleri (verified owner)


  6. Jaroslav (verified owner)


  7. Jose L. (verified owner)

    Excellent as always. The cuttings were exactly as I ordered, fast shipment and great customer service.

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