Palora Seeds (Yellow Dragon fruit)

Dragon Fruit SeedsYellow dragon fruit seeds

✓ White flesh & Yellow skin color
✓ Amazing sweet taste!
✓ Seed packages available ($5 per package contain 20 seeds)

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We are very proud to announce that we will be able to offer you Palora cuttings anytime soon! For now we are only able to sell you the seeds.

The Palora is a yellow dragon fruit with white, juicy pulp / flesh. The yellow variety is considered as one of the most sweetest dragon fruit ever! So the taste is very sweet. The yellow dragon fruits differs from any other other dragon fruit because of its spines. The yellow dragon fruit also contains spines just like the others, but these spines you can easily brush off. The Pitaya Palora can thanks his name since it is grown in the place Palora in Ecuador (South America).

The seeds are offered per package. 1 package contain 20 seeds. Fill in the amount of packages you are interested in!

  1. Becky (verified owner)

  2. ChelHo Jung (verified owner)

    Good ;>

  3. wilma r. (verified owner)

    A neatly sealed package with the seeds embedded between tissue paper. Still pining for some germation.. this requires patience but I hope well worth

  4. Miguel (verified owner)

    can rate them after 2 years

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