How to eat dragon fruit

How to eat dragon fruit
Perhaps you have bought your first dragon fruit, or maybe you are looking for more options to eat your dragon fruit even. In this blog we will tell you the possibilities on how to eat dragon fruit, so that you can enjoy this delicious tropical fruit in the most optimal way!

How do you eat dragon fruit?

Simply cut in half horizontally and scoop out is our preference! We often get the question, how do you eat dragon fruit? This can of course be done in many ways, but the way we prefer is to take a spoon and just spoon it out. Of course we have tried even more options which we would like to share with you! Have you already thought of the following options:
  • Cut the pitaya in 2 (horizontal cutting is recommended), and simply spoon it out.
  • Peel the pitaya and then cut the fruit into small cubes or strips. These are then easy to eat with a spoon or fork. TIP: this method is useful if you want to save them too for another time! Do you want to know how you can best save your pitaya? Check the information below then as well.
There are endless options when it comes to eating your pitaya fruit. Did you know that you even get dragon fruit grilled? Read below for more examples of what to do with dragon fruit.

Ideas and tips on how to eat pitahaya

Before you use dragon fruit for anything, we would like to give you a tip that you do use a ripe pitaya for the following ideas or when it comes to how to eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is very healthy and therefore very popular for many people! We have listed the most common options for eating dragon fruit for you:
  • Dragon fruit Smoothie
  • Dragon fruits used in desserts and or salads
  • Dragon fruit water
  • Dragon fruit ice
Did you know that the small seeds in the dragon fruit are edible?

Does the color differ per pitaya for possible preparations?

No not at all! We often get the question whether there is a difference with regard to the preparation or eating dragon fruit. How to eat yellow dragon fruit, or how to eat red dragon fruit? The answer to this is, there is no difference. However, there are some other differences when it comes to the different colors. The yellow pitaya is the sweetest of all (really recommended). In addition, the fruits with white flesh are often larger and therefore you may need less than when you use a pitaya with a red inside. The taste differs per variety, so be well informed whether you want a sweet dish or not before you start preparing your dish.

How to store dragon fruit after cutting?

This really depends on how old the fruit is as well of course. Fresh fruit (recently cut), should last a couple of days in the fridge. We would advise wrapping it in plastic to increase the chances. Please be aware of the fact that the color might be changing of the fruit as oxidation is unavoidable. The fact that the fruit is a few days old after it has been cut, for example, does not mean that the fruit isn’t still delicious! You can still eat the fruit and the question ‘how do you eat dragon fruit’ has no other answer then when the fruit is a bit older.
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