Dragon Fruit Water

Dragon Fruit Water
You may already be familiar with dragon fruits, but did you know you can create your own dragon fruit water? The dragon fruit drink recipe is very easy to create yourself. If you want, you can adjust the recipe to your taste of course. Dragon fruits are very tasty and can easily be added to your creation. See the recipe below to create your own dragon fruit flavoured water!

Dragon fruit drink recipe

Before making your own dragon fruit drink, you need to decide which color dragon fruit you will use for your dragon fruit flavoured water. Dragon fruits have a strong taste and colour. The water takes on the color of the dragon fruit depending on the other dragon drink ingredients applied. If you like sweet drinks, you should use the yellow dragon fruit, because they are sweeter. If you like a more neutral taste, you can use a white or red dragon fruit.

Dragon drink ingredients

You need these ingredients to make 1000 ml of dragon fruit water:
  • 150 grams dragon fruit cubes
  • 500 ml water
  • 5 Ice cubes
  • 2 or 3 teaspoons lemonade
  • lemon or some other (tropical) fruit for variation
TIP:Instead of plane water, you can also use sparkling water. This way you will get dragon fruit sparkling water. On sunny days, dragon fruit sparkling water can have a very fresh effect. Like we stated above, it is possible to add some other (tropical) fruit, so the taste of your drink will have variation. You can make many varieties of drinks, it all depends on your taste.

Preparing the Dragon Fruit drink

It is easy to prepare the drink and it won’t take much time. All you have to do is:
  1. Put your dragon fruit cubes and ice cubes in a pitcher
  2. Add water
  3. Add lemonade (for taste)
  4. Lemon (or other fruit)
  5. Extra ingredients you like to add (maybe cinnamon)
When you finish preparing it, enjoy your dragon fruit water.

Benefits of the dragon fruit drink

The dragon fruit drink comes with many benefits. Besides it being very tasteful, the drink is also very healthy if you don’t add too much syrup. It’s also important to drink enough water. The dragon fruit especially, is very healthy. It contains lots of vitamin B1 and C. The fruit is also full of minerals, like calcium. Dragon fruits also contain a very high content of antioxidants.. Other benefits are:

✓ Dragon fruits may improve heart health and reduce cancer risk ✓ Dragon fruits could benefit your skin & hair ✓ Dragon fruits could help with losing weight

Let us know in the comments below, how your dragon fruit drink tasted! We are very curious about your variation of the drink!
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