Dragon Fruit Facts: 20 Fun & Interesting facts about dragon fruit

Dragon Fruit Facts: 20 Fun & Interesting facts about dragon fruit
We all love dragon fruit, but what do you know about this exotic fruit? Today we discuss 20 fun and interesting facts about the dragon fruit. You can make it a dragon fruit trivia and guess how much you think you know.

20 Fun facts about Pitahaya or better know as: Dragon Fruit!

  1. Did you know that dragon fruit has other names? In the Western Hemisphere they call it “Pitaya” or “Pitahaya” and some people even named it “Strawberry pear”.

  2. Pitaya or dragon fruit also comes in different colors. Do you know them all? You can find dragon fruit with a pink,red, yellow, orange and even an black color!

  3. The seeds of dragon fruit are edible and share a resemblance with the kiwi seeds.

  4. To find dragon fruit heaven you need to go to Asia. Here you will find every variety because they have the largest market for dragon fruit

  5. Dragon fruit contains a high amount of iron, protein, antioxidants and fiber..

  6. To generate the fruits certain plants are capable of self-pollination, whereas others depend on cross-pollination.

  7. Did you know that dragon fruit is used in different recipes around the world? You can make jams or even juices if used correctly.

  8. Dragon fruit comes from different cactus breeds

  9. A dragon fruit “tree” can grow up to 20 ft tall, amazing right!

  10. Dragon fruit comes in different sizes, but the average weight i surround 6 ounces or 170 grams.

  11. If you don’t know how dragon fruit taste, some will describe it as a combination between kiwi and pear.

  12. You can depend on the color of the fruit to know how sweet it will taste. White flesh would taste most likely mild and dark coloured flesh will have a sweet taste.

  13. Dragon fruit skin is edible when properly prepared.

  14. Dragon Fruits are well known in Southern Mexico and across Central and South America. And as we told earlier is Asia the top seller of dragon fruit.

  15. The summer season is when the growth of the dragon fruit is at its peak. Mostly around August and September.

  16. Did you know that the dragon fruit flower only grows at night.

  17. The dragon fruit plant is well know to withstand drought and it can adjust when necessary.

  18. Dragon Fruit can’t withstand freezing weather.

  19. Eating or using dragon fruit on a regular base can improve your skin appearance.

  20. In Vietnam, dragon fruit is known as “thanh long” and is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Did you know all these fun facts about the lovely dragon fruit? These were our dragon fruit facts. Let us know if you have some more fun facts about dragon fruit. We are always open for some interesting new knowledge! If you are interested to taste or grow some dragon fruit for yourself, just visit our store at dragonfruitcutting.com.
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