Vietnamese White Dragon Fruit Seeds

Dragon Fruit SeedsPink dragon fruit seedsWhite dragon fruit seeds

✓ White flesh
✓ Taste resembles a kiwi!
✓ Relatively big fruits (up to 900 grams)
✓ Price per package ($5,- for 20 seeds)

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Our Vietnamese White dragon fruit seeds are for sale in packages. Each package contains 20 seeds! Please fill in the amount of packages you would like.

All seeds come from our own fruits of our own land in Surinam! These white dragon fruit seeds for sale will grow into beautiful heavy fruits. The Vietnamese White can weigh up to almost 1000 grams! Originally, the fruits comes from Vietnam and is known for the fact that it is an easy grower.

Tip: Do not give water to any pitaya before harvesting, as this will influence the taste (the taste can become less).

Summary about the Vietnamese White pitaya seeds:

Self-pollinating: Yes
Weight: Up to 900 grams
Skin color: Pink
Flesh color: White
Taste: Similar to a kiwi
Germination time: 1 – 8 weeks (this depends on the variety and the circumstances of course)

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